Trivial Board Game

Most of the people jokingly say that board games are actually bored games. Although it is not true many of us don’t enjoy playing board games even if they are fun. Most of the teens and adults belong to this category.

Although sounds similar trivial board games are quite different from routine board games and hence is not boring at all. Those of us who love to pick their brains will love playing a fun trivia board game. These are the best of the both worlds, a classic combination of board games and trivia.

Generally smarter people prefer playing trivial board games (no offence folks) since it requires certain level of general knowledge. They are nothing but a fun version of IQ test. A player has to answer questions based on the game scenario or category. There are so many categories in the market that you will be overwhelmed with options. It doesn’t matter what you like I am sure you will find a trivial board game right up your alley. Some of the popular categories are history, World War I and II, cold war, different music genre, science, nature, different categories of sports and many more.    

 Trivial board games are a great way to fuel your brain with exciting activities. It has been proved that regular trivia players have better memories compared to others. Children who have been playing these games since their childhood can perform better academically. Some of the popular games are Trivial Pursuit, Cranium etc. However the biggest advantage is that none of the trivial board games require large open space or a lot of equipment in fact it doesn’t require anything except the game itself and the minimum number of players.  

It has been often pointed out that in real life a person needs more than education to succeed. True enough we have seen millionaires who didn’t even finish schools but they are very successful men and women today. It is possible that they might have played a trivial board game or two in their childhood. These games certainly improve your decision making power, teach you to deal with the time pressure and teach you remain calm under duress. Is there a better way to groom a child to face real life problems? I don’t think so!   

Instant win!

There are four colored award cards. Four special questions in each game will award a color card. If a player gets all four award cards in one game they are declared the instant winner

Impossible Questions!

You will find out about these during gameplay. Rest assured, they are named IMPoSsIBlE QuESTionS for a reason.

Thanks for playing - enjoy!