Exciting Trivia Game

Yes, yes a thousand times yes! NO don’t get the wrong impression, what I mean to say is that exciting trivia games do sharpen your brain but you don’t know how? Simple, brain is also a muscle just like your bulging biceps. What do you do to make your biceps stronger? You go to gym and work out right? Similarly if your brain is given exercise it will sharpen (not bulge out) and become even stronger. How do you like that?

For starters all trivia games enhance your memory in one way or the other. Secondly it improves cognition. Cognition is the mental ability of a being to gain knowledge and comprehension. Let’s see how cognition is improved, playing an exciting trivia game will stress your brain; I mean it will be stressed since you will have to answer one or two complex questions during the playoff. Yes it happens more than you think because our brain is trained to forget trivial things so it has to work real hard to remember those answers. So if your daily work involves a lot of thinking then playing exciting trivia game is your medicine.

All of us have high performing careers that demand even higher performance abilities; naturally all of us are leading a stressful life. The pressure of thrown out of the race is so huge that many of us underperform at the very crucial time placing our career in jeopardy. Playing exciting trivia game provides your brain with the practice to perform under pressure so the next time your boss tells to you to achieve the impossible target you will take up the challenge with a smile.

Lastly it reduces stress. After the monotonous day to day activities (even if you have the most creative job in the world doing it on daily basis makes it monotonous) you brain needs a change and only playing an exciting trivia game is going to cut it. Playing trivia is a fun and relaxed way to learn new information. Also, when’s the last time you played trivia and didn’t laugh?

So it is safe to conclude that playing any exciting trivia game is going to bring relief and joy for your brain and mind. A relaxed mind has better productivity, enhanced decision making power and elevated level of common sense; do I need to elaborate more?

Instant win!

There are four colored award cards. Four special questions in each game will award a color card. If a player gets all four award cards in one game they are declared the instant winner

Impossible Questions!

You will find out about these during gameplay. Rest assured, they are named IMPoSsIBlE QuESTionS for a reason.

Thanks for playing - enjoy!