Fun Board Games

Those of us who grew up in seventies can never forget the joy of a family night of fun board games played at the dining table right next to the cooking delicious goodies. From Chutes and Ladders to Monopoly, through Clue, to Risk, and Battleship, board games are just plain fun. Unlike today life at that time was moved slowly and people had plenty of time to gather around the dinner table and spend some time together.  

Of course those were the days when computers where not so personal and mobile phones didn’t even exist. Naturally most of the fun board games made use of creative drawings, sketches. Any board game would normally consist of a board (hence the name) on which the game was played using dice and cards. The board can be roughly described as the arena in which the game would be played following rules and regulations that came with the game.

However with the advent of technology fun board games are also changing in a good way. For starters plenty of these games are available in their digital version eliminating the need to be physically present to play the game. With the availability of internet you can now connect with multiple players from across the globe and start playing your favorite fun board game anytime you wish.

If you like to do it the old fashioned way then you can purchase the hard copy of your favorite fun board game online and have your friends over for tea while you take out the box of ultimate fun from your closet. Contrary to the popular belief adults can play board games too since there are specially designed fun board games for adults. No they are not “Adult Board Games” if you know what I mean; they are just more complex with wider or expansive scenarios and characters etc.  Checkers and Chess are easily obtained and only take two people.  Monopoly can take an entire afternoon and even then may not end with a clear winner.

It has been proven by researchers around the globe that preschoolers who regularly played fun board games have done remarkably well in academics. So board games aren’t just fun but they are also very useful. Secondly while playing together you can strike up conversation, get to know people that’s why old fashioned way is so much better. Seriously we all need to have some good conversation, good company and good clean fun when we socialize, don’t we?


Instant win!

There are four colored award cards. Four special questions in each game will award a color card. If a player gets all four award cards in one game they are declared the instant winner

Impossible Questions!

You will find out about these during gameplay. Rest assured, they are named IMPoSsIBlE QuESTionS for a reason.

Thanks for playing - enjoy!